Hello World!

Welcome to my very first blog (yes, yes I know, very exciting)! I would like to take this moment to officially welcome you to bits of fitness, and to let you know that I hope you stick around. I am looking forward to engaging with you on future blog posts as we discuss fitness in all of its many forms.

A Little Bit About Me and My Health Journey

I am a college student (currently in my last year) and made the best decision of my life two and a half years ago. That decision: to get healthy, lose weight, and to be happy with myself. After meeting my current boyfriend, we happily lived on a diet of college cafeteria food and the ever expanding world of fast and processed foods (mostly pizza from Domino’s and lots of sweets).

I had not realized until stepping onto the scale months later, that, from the time of meeting the most wonderful person in my life today, to that moment, I had gained a total of 30+ lbs., weighing in at roughly 170 lbs. The fast food frenzy of months of unhealthy eating had resulted in my heaviest recorded weight; and it did not look the best for my 5’4″ body. I knew something had to change.

My Current Lifestyle

Fast forward to today, I have lost over 35 lbs. and am at my smallest size and weight (even weighing less than what I had weighed in high school). Learning how to take care of myself properly has been quite the journey. There have been a number of ups and downs as I have progressed. I am currently at a point where I want to be the best and strongest version of myself, which includes having a balanced diet, a consistent workout routine, and understanding how to take care of myself mentally.

For me, it is not about being the smallest I can possibly be (that is unrealistic and the numbers on the scale does not define a person). Now for not being a very tall person, weighing less overall is better for my body. This is because my body is able to function and move properly without the added dangers that large weight gain can have on the human body.

Being small, however, is not my goal. I believe there is a huge point to be made about how one’s size or being smaller is just a side effect of being healthy and living a healthier life. It is a process of learning new habits that work to benefit your body both inside and out.

Welcome to My Blog

So, here I am writing out my journey, experiences, and what I have learned from the past two and a half years and from my own research focused on health. Everyday I continue to learn and grow, and may we be able to share and help each other through our journeys.

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