The Three Components of Fitness: I Discovered Them in Stages

Fitness is made up of more than how often you go to the gym. It is composed of three main components: diet, exercise, and the mind. Keep reading to check out how I learned how to utilize the three components to get to my body goals.

Finding your Balance Within - Optimal Wellness
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In the Beginning…

I really had no idea what to do or where to start. All I knew is that I wanted to lose weight to look better. And with what had started out as aesthetic goals slowly evolved into health goals. Over the course of two and a half years I had discovered that fitness is more than just weight loss, it is mainly comprised of three different components: food, exercise, and the mind (there are other components, such as sleep and water intake, but for the sake of simplicity I am only discussing what I consider to be the three main components). It took me a while to understand this and addressing all three components together is what has transformed my fitness journey.

The Balance Between Diet and Exercise

I understood the importance of food and exercise on a basic level. Mostly of what my health class taught me my freshman year of high school: that fast food and junk food are bad and moving around is good. Since then I have come to understand that food is much more than what is “good” and “bad”, it is about nutritional value and eating whole foods.

What do I mean by nutritional value? It is the number of vitamins and minerals in a food. Healthy eating on a basic level is about focusing more on foods that are high in nutrition and limiting the amount of foods that have a low nutrition value (those being highly processed foods). A healthy diet looks different for everyone. For myself personally, my eating habits have evolved from a diet full of convenient, processed foods to a diet full of good, whole foods (lots of fruits and veggies) and being, overall, well balanced (a wide variety of carbs, proteins and fats).

Through my exercise evolution I have learned that working out is more than trying to “sculpt” your perfect body. Working out is about being patient, becoming stronger, being disciplined, and overall a better you. It is the best stress relief and is most efficient with a good diet. Exercise is important, but it is only a small component of fitness. Your diet and what you fuel your body with is really where all the magic happens. You must give your body healthy, nutritious foods (that work for your body) so that your body can work optimally for you.

The Power of the Mind

The third component (the mind) I have recently come to discover. I knew that some-how I needed to mentally be aware of my weight loss so that I could keep up with the new habits I was working to build. I did not, however, understand the importance of the mind. Your mental state can affect your outlook on everything around you. Having a good mindset is powerful. Within the past few weeks, I have begun a morning meditation and journaling routine. Because of this I have felt happier and more positive. This makes sense because during a weight loss journey, healthy lifestyle journey, or just day to day life you can only go as far as your mind will let you.


The reason why I say that these are the three main components to fitness is because they are all intertwined. Eating healthy or unhealthy affects both your physical performance during exercise and how you feel (good or sluggish), and can affect your mental state. Exercise can help you feel happy and positive. Finally, your mental state is what determines your overall discipline, as well as your overall outlook to help aide in your own growth. It is important to recognize that fitness is more than just the gym or the food you eat. One’s fitness is a lifestyle that takes time and dedication to learn but it is the most rewarding thing; it should be celebrated.

If you have any thoughts or have noticed your own experiences with the three components of fitness, comment down below! I would love to hear what you have to say.

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