What to Add to Your Morning for A Productive Day

If you are wondering what to do to become more productive, then look no further. A productive day begins with your morning, and what you do in your morning is important. Keep reading if you are looking for tips on how to vamp up your morning routine to help you be more productive!

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1. Wake Up Earlier

It is important to take time for yourself during your busy days. One of the best ways to do so is to wake up earlier. Now I am not saying you have to wake up 2 hours earlier than you are currently (unless you really want to. No one is stopping you, so have at it!), but if you wake up a little bit earlier you will be able to make time for yourself during your mornings. Taking time for yourself allows you create balance in your life so you are not only focusing on just work or school, or whatever it is that you may be doing during your days separate from yourself. Obviously, everyone’s schedules are different and the amount of time you can take depends on your current schedule. Even taking a minimum of 15 minutes for yourself, however, will help you to be more productive.

2. Drink Water

We all know that hydration is one of the top three most important things of the basic functions category for human survival. I know when I do not drink enough water, I feel groggy and tired due to dehydration. Drinking water in the morning after you wake up can wake up your brain and important bodily functions, helping to give you a good kick start to your day. A trick I utilize to drink more water is to finish a whole water bottle (usually while making breakfast) before I jump into having morning coffee. While coffee gives you that caffeine boost, it is a diuretic, which means it “de-water-afies” you (dehydrates). Drinking water before your morning coffee will help you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated means a clear mind, and a clear mind means potential for productivity.

3. Be Workout Ready

Another trick towards productivity is to be “workout ready” for your morning workout. Getting out of your pajamas and into your favorite workout clothes will help you to get into the mind set for you workout. In turn, this helps you continue through your morning routine fluidly so that you can be and feel accomplished.

4. Journal

Being productive is also about having a good mindset. Journaling in the morning can help you to do just that. Now I am not saying to write out a monologue of your life story, but rather using the time to jot down a couple things you are grateful about and to pre-plan to your day. Focusing on what you are grateful about is uplifting and allows you to acknowledge the important things in your life. Pre-planning allows you to figure out the most important tasks to get done for the day. All in all, journaling can help you stay on top of your day.

5. Meditate

Meditation is another great way to get you in a good mental space for a productive day. You do not have to be a pro at meditating. Set 5-15 minutes aside so that you can sit in silence. While sitting in silence, this time can be used to think, visualize, or focus on your breathing. Using a timer helps to keep track of time for you so you are not distracted by your watch. Meditation can help you to de-stress and clear your mind for the day.

6. Workout

Working out is another great way to get a step-up in the morning. Working out gets your heart pumping and increases dopamine so you feel happier. Even a quick 10 to 15-minute workout will do the trick. Knocking out a sweat-sesh also aides in stress relief so you can tackle the important tasks of the day. If working out in the evening works well for you, then you do not have to change your whole workout schedule. Trying push-ups or jumping jacks for a minute in the morning can help to get that little boost in the beginning of your day.

7. Get Ready for the Day

This may seem obvious but putting time into your appearance (for when you are going to work or school or staying home) will help you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, well, you have guessed it, there is productivity potential! Taking time to shower, dress in your favorite outfit, do some of or all your make up, and doing your hair are little things you can do to get ready for the day. I know when I am feeling good in what I am wearing I am more excited to get things done. Therefore, productivity potential.

I Practice What I Preach

I think it would be fair to end this post in mentioning that I do almost all of these tips close to every day of the week, and have been for a while now. A snippet of what a typical mornings is for like me is:

8:00 A.M. Good Morning!
Make tea and fill up water bottle
Journal and Meditate
Put on workout clothes
Shower and get ready
Breakfast and Coffee!
My Daily Morning Routine

Keeping up with my morning routine has not only aided in my production, but I have noticed that I am happier and more positive throughout the day. I am a full time student and I have now taken on running my own blog and website for the first time. I have not felt like one has taken over the other or that either is unmanageable. As part of living a healthier lifestyle I recommend in trying out a few of theses tips and seeing if you notice any positive or productive improvements to your day.

If you do try any of these tips out, if you have any suggestions of your own, or have a morning routine that as been working wonders for you, comment down below!

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