Ways to Relax This Holiday Season

It is finally December, and it is the holiday season! I do not know about you but I am stoked for some holiday cheer and Christmas festivities. During this time, it is important to enjoy the festivities and the time shared with those closest to you. The holidays, however, can be a very stressful time of year, and the differences brought on by 2020 are not making anything better. Long durations of stress are not healthy for the body and can affect your immune system. Therefore, decompressing and destressing are vital. Taking time for yourself is also important so that you can destress and relax. So, get your cup of tea or warm beverage and let’s talk about different ways on how you can destress this holiday season.

4 Must-Have Candles for Relaxation
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Put on Some Music and Clean Your Space

This one is a huge one for me. When my living space becomes messy and cluttered it drives me crazy! The clutter adds onto my stress making things even more stressful than they already are. So, before you get into super relaxation, me-time mode, clean up your area to maximize your relaxation potential. Even just taking 15 minutes out of your day to throw on some Christmas tunes (or any music that helps you get the job done) to clean up can make a big difference. I find that when I clean my space, I feel accomplished, organized, put together, and overall, less chaotic. Cleaning up ensures that you can enjoy all of your holiday activities and you-time in a clean and put together environment. You can focus on what is important instead of the mess around you.

Light Some Candles and Stretch

First off, candles. Light your favorite smelling candle to begin your journey of destressing. Once your space begins to smell wonderful and you can start to distract your mind from the chaos of the day, roll out your yoga mat (or a blanket or towel if you do not have one available) and get your zen on!

Okay, maybe I am being a bit too dramatic here, but I find that stretching after a long day of sitting at my computer helps me feel calm and relaxed. It feels good to release the tension I have been holding all day long. You do not have to stretch for hours on end or be an expert at yoga. Taking 5 to 30 minutes out of your day to stretch will make a big difference. Follow along to a yoga video on the inter-webs or do your own stretching routine. There is no wrong way to do this! Well, as long as you are safely stretching and slowly deepening the stretch as you hold it, then you are good.

Do Your Favorite Hobby or Activity

Happiness is also a key part of relaxing. So, what better way to do so than by doing your favorite activity or hobby! Doing something that bring you joy helps you feel happier and more relaxed. Plus, it is way better than just sitting on your phone to pass the time because you will feel productive. If you are as indecisive as myself, here are a few ideas on what you could do.

  • Get baking
  • Do some reading
  • Crochet or knit
  • Get a quick sweat-shesh in
  • Get crafty
  • Do some yoga
  • Go for a run
  • Write a blog post (lol me)
  • Brain dump into a journal
  • Get some fresh air and go for a walk
  • Build things in your garage (my boyfriend)
  • Decorate for Christmas and the Holidays (because festive!)
  • Get creative in the kitchen
  • Reorganize and declutter your space (organizing can be fun too!)

Have A Spa Day or A Spa Evening

Ironically enough, the kitchen can also double as a beauty treatment station as there are a million and one ways to avocado and honey yourself to beauty. You can make a whole smorgasbord of products without leaving your home! All jokes aside, treating yourself to an in-depth spa day must be one of the most relaxing things there is. Pamper yourself with your favorite exfoliator, wash, lotion, and treatments or get creative and try some at home beauty products that you can make yourself. Take the time to focus on your skin, hair, face, and nails so that you are feeling fresh and put together. Just throw on your favorite tunes, light some candles, and make yourself your preferred warm beverage for maximum relaxation.

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What are the ways that you like to relax and destress? Let me know in the comments down below!

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