Different Ways to Workout from Home

With Christmas winding down to an end, the New Year is finally upon us! Even though it is the new year, you do not have to wait for the calendar to reset to begin working on the new you (more on that later). If you are like me, then you have probably taken up working out from home due to the unique changes that have occurred in 2020. Therefore, here are different workouts you can do from your living room or backyard to get fit.

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Before we really get into it, remember that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Not that exercise should be swept under the rug, but what you put into your body has a huge impact on how you feel, look, and perform day to day tasks.

There are different ways to move around and workout to get fit from home. When trying new workouts, it is important to listen to your body. Your form is important and if something does not feel right, then do not keep doing it. It is also important to focus on low impact exercises when you are a beginner to exercise. You will get stronger so that you can do more as your strength improves. Any little bit helps, and low impact ensures that you will not hurt yourself.

Where to Workout?

You may be wonder where to work out. Having a space where you can roll out a yoga mat or towel is important for indoor fitness. Another option is to take your workout outside. Mix it up by working out in your backyard or at your favorite park.

Utilize the great outdoors by going for a walk or a run. Walking is beneficial and you get to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. The cardio from walking and running makes your lungs and body stronger. You will build endurance and stamina with running.

Different Types of Workouts

To my knowledge there are a couple different types of workouts. Such workouts include resistance and strength training, body weight, HIIT, Pilates, and yoga.

Resistance and Strength

Resistance and strength training are a great way to build muscle. It is much easier with a gym because there is a lot of different equipment you can use. If you do have your own equipment at home, then you are good to go! Resistance bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, or medicine balls are easy to get to start building strength at home. You can also get creative and use what you have around the house for that extra weight you need to add to your routine. For example, use books or water bottle. Remember to be safe and utilize proper form!

Body Weight

Body weigh exercises utilize most of the same movements as strength training. The difference is you only have you and yourself and no extra weight. Body weight workouts are a great way to ease your way into exercising so that you do not risk injury.


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. The purpose of HIIT is to improve cardio through fast paced interval work. Quick, intense bursts for a short amount of time are the key points. HIIT is great for cardio and burning calories.


Yoga is perfect for all ages. There is an emphasis on stretching (very important), overall strength, breathwork, and mental focus. The intensity can be adjusted to your liking, and yoga is a perfect low impact workout.


Pilates is like yoga but utilizes more equipment. The focus is to improve overall strength. In my experience Pilates is great for core strength and flexibility. This form of exercise can be deceptively difficult but highly rewarding and enjoyable.

Workout from Home with YouTube

YouTube is a great tool to use for at home workouts. I find that I am most successful when I have someone to follow along to. That way I do not have to plan my workouts and I can check that I have proper form for each exercise. Below is a small list of fitness youtubers to check out for a follow-along workout program from home. All these ladies cover all areas of the body and have workouts that range from beginner to advanced. They each have their own genre of workouts perfect for trying out new exercises.

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