Health: It is Important!

I have to say it. Health is important. I know, I know what you are thinking, “well yeah, of course health is important”. But it really is! There seems to be a side of the health and fitness world that claims they are all about “health” and “taking care of one’s wellbeing” by eating whatever and how much one wants, however this seems to miss the mark on being healthful overall. I do think that when we get caught up in everything that is going on in our very busy lives, we forget to realize the importance of health. Health is important, and this topic is backed up by objective, indisputable facts provided by science (and we love that!). Therefore, I want to discuss this topic just to emphasize this importance as a reminder to take care of ourselves every day.

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Love Yourself

One of the ways that we should all be taking care of our health and overall wellbeing is to love ourselves and to love our bodies. In my opinion, this type of love is reflected in the way we take care of ourselves. Our bodies work very hard everyday to take care of us. So, celebrate the body that takes care of you by taking care of it!

This is were living a healthful lifestyle comes into play. Feed yourself proper nutrients with a well-balanced diet that works the best for you and your body. Food quality does matter when it comes to a long-term, healthy lifestyle. Eating a rainbow of whole foods, proper complex carbs, and high-quality protein is essential. As intensely tasteful processed foods are (because they are designed that way by chemists and scientists in a laboratory, not granny’s kitchen), they do not provide the proper nutrients or benefits for overall health.

The very little nutrients (or ore like no nutrients), chemicals, additives, and highly processed sugar, salt, and fat found in quick and easy convenient food (fast food and other processed foods found in the grocery store) are not sustainable for long-term health. Therefore, a diet full of healthful, whole foods is extremely important (I can not stress this enough).

Along with a healthful diet, it is important to drink water, exercise regularly, rest regularly, get a good amount of sleep, and manage stress. As discussed, many times here on Bits of Fitness, all of these are important aspects for living a healthful lifestyle. And a healthful lifestyle ensures us to live a long life, dedicated to loving our hard working bodies.

You Should Be in Control, Not Just Along for the Ride

With trying to be healthful, you should be in control and not just along for the ride. What exactly do I mean by this? Speaking from my own personal experience, let us break it down.

Along for the Ride

When you are just along for the ride, there is a disconnect between your mind and body. You are driven by your desires, cravings, and you can act more on impulse. This can make it difficult to manage a healthy lifestyle for long-term health. It can become easier to not hold yourself responsible for your own actions and behaviors. In some cases, your health can even spiral out of control. Overall, it can feel chaotic and unorganized.

When You Are in Control

When you are in control, you are cognitive of yourself in everything that you eat and do. You can utilize discipline and can hold yourself accountable. Essentially, you can take care of your body and your health. You feel empowered and in control.

When in control vs. just being along for the ride, you can live healthfully for long-term success. Remember, our bodies do the best they can to keep up moving, living, and breathing. Therefore, it is important to return the favor by taking care of our bodies.

In My Own Experience

I have experienced this previously when I had tried and failed at being healthy. Before I was successful, I remember having this disconnect between my mental state and my actions. It felt chaotic and all over the place, like I had no control, or discipline, over making healthful food choices and was just plain lazy with everything. I decided that I did not care about what I was eating and wanted to just “enjoy” my food no matter what it was. I put on a lot of weight, felt sluggish, and just gross all over. Simply, I was very unhappy, and the processed foods and lack of exercise put me there. I honestly believe that this mindset is why I was unsuccessful before.

Necessary Tools

Being in control is not only empowering but ensures that you are able to be successful in the long-term. There are important tools that are needed to do so (as has been previously discussed on Bits of Fitness). Those tools are healthy habits and discipline.

Healthy Habits

Changing your habits are challenging. However, it is extremely important. Healthy habits are necessary to ensure that you have a good foundation for a healthy life, and, in turn, long term success. As challenging as it can be at first, building healthy habits get easier over time with practice and consistency. Replacing the old, bad habits with new, healthy habits overtime results in success.


Discipline is what ensures that you can execute on your healthy habits and live a healthful life. This also takes practice, and like building new habits, gets easier over time.

Take Away

So, the take-away. Health is important, and thus it is important to take care of your health. Having a good foundation of healthy habits and discipline with a strong mental connection is how to take control of your health, and ultimately your life. Love yourself and the wonderful body that works hard to take care of you.

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