Bell Peppers!

Today we are going to talk about bell peppers. Like the other fruits and vegetables that we have discussed here on Bits of Fitness, bell peppers provide vital vitamins and minerals to support overall health. Red, orange, yellow, and green bell peppers all are a simple addition to your diet! Keep reading to learn why bell peppers are beneficial for overall health.

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Nutrition Facts

Fun fact, like tomatoes, bell peppers are a type of fruit apart of the night shade family. (I had no idea bell peppers were a type of fruit, how cool is that!). Any ways…

100g of raw, red bell pepper has:


Vitamin and Minerals

Bell peppers are packed full of vitamins and minerals! They are 92% water and are a great source of vitamin C. Seriously though, oranges need to step aside because one medium red bell peppers contain 196% of the recommended daily intake for vitamin C!

Other great nutrients include:

Vitamin, Mineral, or AntioxidantWhat It Is Good For
CapsanthinAntioxidant that makes red bell peppers red.
FolateImportant during pregnancy.
LuteinFound in green bell peppers (unripen bell peppers) is great for eye health.
LuteolinPolyphenol antioxidant that is great for overall health.
PotassiumCan improve heart health.
Pro-Vitamin AHelps the body produce Vitamin A.
QuercetinPolyphenol antioxidant that may prevent cancer and heart disease.
ViolaxanthinMost common carotenoid antioxidant found in yellow bell peppers.
Vitamin B6Important for blood cell formation.
Vitamin EImportant for nerves and muscles.
Vitamin K1Important for blood clotting and bone health.

Health Benefits

All those great vitamins and minerals provide awesome health benefits that supports overall health. Different colored peppers provide different health benefits; where the different colors are a result of how ripe the pepper is. Bell peppers are a great addition to one’s diet to be enjoyed raw or cooked! A diet high in fruits and vegetables is important for heart health, diabetes prevention, cancer prevention, and other preventable diseases that are common in America. The two health benefits that really stand out for bell peppers are eye health and anemia prevention.

Eye Health

Lutein and zeaxanthin are great for eye health. As one may be more prominent than the other depending on how ripe the pepper is, both can help to protect the retina.

Anemia Prevention

Red bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C and iron go hand-in-hand when it comes to anemia prevention. Bell peppers and iron rich foods are good to eat together because vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. Therefore, more iron for the body.

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