Intense Diet Change

Week One Check In

Week one is one and done! It went by much faster than I was expecting. So far, I am going strong, feeling good, and feeling like I am back on track with my health and fitness. The huge difference this time compared to past times where I was working at changing something about my health: I am very excited to improve my health and to feel better on the inside. I am a woman on a mission! Over this past week I noticed huge changes with myself physically and mentally, and we are only one week in! It is crazy how influential the quality of the foods that you eat can impact you entirely.

huge changes from three years ago, to today, and big changes from one year ago to today.
This picture is almost one year old, however we all come from somewhere. In the picture on the left I was at my heaviest, 170 lbs. That is a completely different person that the person I am today. Today at 136.7 lbs. I am more health focused than ever before.

The foods that I am eating now is the only thing that has changed from my day-to-day routine. I have upped the fruit and veggie game. Lots and lots of potatoes too! During this past week I did record everything that I ate to ensure that I am eating enough food, as well as thoughts and feelings I have had during this past week.

Exciting Surprise

When talking to my boyfriend about how I want to change my diet and my reasoning behind it, he decided that he wanted to join in. I am stricter with the specifics of what I cut out however, he is also cutting out grains and dairy. If you missed the previous post that explains the “whys” and the “what’s”, check out Intense Diet Change!

The awesome part about this? Apart from the support, I have a second opinion and another experience that I can share with you! But even cooler is that we are both noticing some of the same changes. So, power in numbers, as he would say.

Awesome Benefits

Both my boyfriend and I are amazed at how our mental clarity, energy levels, digestion, and sleep have improved just by cutting out grains and dairy. Starting from day one, there have been 360-degree improvements.

No Bloat

I feel so much better it is ridiculous! For the past few months, I have been going to bed bloated and uncomfortable. Which has been resulting in a difficult time sleeping and not sleeping well in general. However, just cutting out those few things have already made a huge difference.

Increased Energy Levels and Mental Clarity

Both myself and my boyfriend can attest to this. The mid-day crash and sluggishness that follows in the afternoon has improved. Because of this, the mental clarity and our moods are up as well!

Better Sleep

I have been sleeping better; I feel exhausted at the end of the day, and I am not sleeping restlessly!

Actual Feelings of Hunger

I feel true hungry again, and I am satisfied and content after eating. The “I think I feel hungry/want to eat all day” hunger is not there anymore. For example, having my protein pancakes for breakfast did not “satisfy” my hungry and felt like it made me hungrier after eating even though that breakfast was more calorically dense than my current breakfast of berries, banana, almonds, and PB.

I also have noticed that I do not have any cravings for the foods I am no longer eating. I do not miss them at all. The combination of food quality and that I do not eat a lot of processed foods in general, is what I believe is the reason for the lack of cravings others may get. I also am bound and determined to cut out the food that is hurting me more than helping me.

Thoughts and Feelings

Mentally, I am there.

Absolutely, I am 100% ready to continue this change for my health. I was, and still am, excited to kick this off. Last Friday, I was so excited to go grocery shopping to set myself up for success. Something just clicked, and that is very awesome.

I am focused on my health more than I ever have been before.

I want to eat well to not only fuel my body, but to feel good inside and out. In a heart beat I no longer want to eat out or eat processed and fast foods. I am tired of eating crappy foods that make me feel just that, crappy. The saying, “you are what you eat”, is truer than people may want to think.

I am just so excited and ecstatic, it is insane! This has just been going so well. I feel confident in the foods that I am eating.

Other Awesome Perks

The Volume to Calorie Ratio is Amazing!

I am mind blown at how much food you can enjoy with just eating more potatoes, fruits, and veggies. And you are satisfied and satiated too! (At least in my experience.) Like, how much more you get from eating 400 calories of potatoes versus 400 calories of bread is crazy.

It is Cheap!

Grocery shopping to support this change has cut our grocery bill in half! And that is with buying just the essentials and none of the marketed healthy foods. Being healthy can be very affordable and reasonable.

Final Thoughts

This has been a great decision for me. I feel great, have more energy, and am sleeping better. My boyfriend can attest to this as well. It is affordable, not only for our wallets, but also for calories. The volume still blows my mind. I am excited to continue to better my health.

I encourage you to fuel your body with the foods that make you feel good and feel energized. Health is very important, and it should come first. If this inspires you to take charge of your health and fitness, let me know in the comments below!

I will talk to you guys next week when I upload Week Two Check In!