Intense Diet Change

Week Three Check In

It is the end of week three, which means I am 75% through my four weeks. Honestly, it feels like I am finally living the healthy lifestyle that I have been wanting to live. I am eating better, sleeping better, more productive, and have been more active. To make lasting changes, it takes time. Therefore, I want to reiterate that I am going to continue with my diet. Being consistent for a long amount of time is important to see those changes. Keep reading to see this week’s thoughts and progress!

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This Week…

For week three I was stressed out…a lot. I had a lot of school going on (still do). With feeling stressed, I had a couple days where I did eat a little more than I have been (200-300 calories more); however, I have continued to stay within the bounds of my new diet. Eating a little bit more did result in me feeling a tad bit bloated, but nothing compared to the type of bloat I was feeling before. The reality of the situation is I had more food in my digestive system, therefore my body was doing what it was supposed to be doing (digesting).

Being able to focus on my diet regardless of my stress levels (being that I am a stress eater) is awesome! Even with Easter this past Sunday (“Hoppy” Easter by the way!), I was able to comfortably stick to my new way of eating. And still no cravings! This is really reiterating that I am finally living the life that I wanted to live.

Other Thangs Going On…

The “Pizzazz” has Depleted

I am still happy about my diet, but the “pizazz” about it has begun to fizzle out. Of course, this is expected. Like with any new change, the excitement or motivation that one has at the beginning is always the highest. This time, however, my desire to follow through and continue this intense diet change is much greater than both my excitement (or “motivation” if you want to call it that) and any feelings opposite of motivation. I have been feeling worlds better, and that is enough to keep me going.

Sleeping Well and More Energy

I am still sleeping very well. In the mornings, I am now able to wake up earlier easier than I have been able to in a long time. Part of this, I believe, is because I have more energy throughout the day and have become more active in general. My boyfriend and I have been biking and hiking on top of my regular morning workouts. Speaking of higher energy levels and workouts, I have also become more involved with creating my own workouts too. Of which is huge for me because I had a difficult time with creating my own workout plan.


Bettering my diet feels like it has created a chain reaction of productivity. I am genuinely interested in seeing where else I can improve myself. This includes wanting to be more disciplined with myself (i.e., following through with panning and completing my own workouts). Essentially, I want to be consistent and disciplined with myself to finally start living the lifestyle that I want to live, of which will result in seeing the progress I want to see in myself.

Let’s Chat!

Has my intense diet change inspired you to take charge of your diet in a healthy manner? Let me know in the comments down below!

I will talk to you guys next week for the very final check in, Week Four Check In!

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