Intense Diet Change

Week Four Check In

Everyone, I have done it! I have completed the first four weeks of my Intense Diet Change! The past four weeks have felt like a huge success, even when I was very stressed out. There was no issue sticking to my diet plan, and I even began being more involved with exercise. Keep reading to see how week four went.

Final Weigh In

In Week Two Check In, I promised a final weigh in just to see if there has been any difference since then. And let me tell you, yes there is a difference. My starting weight four weeks ago was 137.0 lb., and my current weight is 138.0 lb. No, I am not upset and no, this does not mean that my diet is not “working”.

First and foremost, my body and digestive system have felt much better during this change in diet. I have not been bloated in weeks, I have been sleeping better, and I have been looking better. According to my boyfriend (and I have noticed this as well), my face and body looks slimmer. A new bikini top that I bought in December fits me much better now than it did before. None of my clothes feels like they are getting tighter.

Why the Weight Gain?

So, why the weight gain? Well, the past week and a half I have started resistance training with the few dumb bells and resistance bands that I have at home. Being that I have not used weights in my workouts since last year, different parts of my body have been sore. Sore muscles lead to water retention as the body repairs the muscles that were damaged during exercise.

Along with water retention, I have been eating a little bit more in general. I am a stress eater, and I have been stressed out the past few weeks as school has been picking up towards the end of the semester. I want to point out that even with “stress eating” I have not deviated from my diet or have craved any foods that I am no longer eating. The foods I eat now are high in volume to calorie content, therefore I am also eating more food for less.

My increase in activity in my free time and at work has contributed to my increase in appetite. This includes the added weight to my workouts and implementing a more regular exercise plan for myself. Essentially, eating 200 – 400 calories more than compared to the 1700 – 1800 total calorie consumption I have been used to results in more food in my digestive system. Therefore, the more food I am digesting, the more I am going to weigh when compared to eating less volume per calories.

Why Water Retention Occurs After Resistance Training and Why You Shouldn’t Worry – written by Michelle Matte, reviewed by Aubrey Bailey, PT, DPT, CHT.

I Cut Out More!

This week I finally made the cut on my PB Powder. PB Powder was something that I was using as a crutch during the transition of my diet. After four weeks, I am in a place where I do not need to rely on it anymore as I am comfortable with my new way of eating. Plus, I had a voice in the back of my head telling me that PB was not helping me in the long run. Especially when you eat 4-6 servings a day. Making a swap for 100% sugar free coco powder and I do not miss it in the slightest.

I noticed that I was thinking about PB Powder a lot more than I felt like I should have been. I do not like the idea of being “controlled” by food. This really applies to every type of highly processed, convenient, and fast food you can think of. These “foods” are designed and created to encourage the body to want and eat more of those food. They leave you hungrier after eating them. So, no thank you. I do not like fake and there is nothing natural or healthy about processed foods.   


The past four weeks have been enjoyable for me overall, and my body has also enjoyed this experiment. I love the idea of health and healthy eating, and, therefore, I am going to continue to eat this way. Especially when you take into consideration that healthy changes require both time and consistency. In correlation to the improvement of my food quality, my sleep has improved, I am no longer sluggish during the day, and I am more active and involved with my workouts.

My weight may not have changed as much, even increasing after four weeks, but four weeks is not long enough to determine long-term changes. Besides, other factors unrelated to my diet can explain the “weight gain” I am experiencing. If within the next eight to twelve weeks, however, I do put on muscle, then my weight is going to increase regardless of my clothing size. This is a change that I am now interested in experiencing. After changing my diet, I want to improve my physical fitness and strength as well. All in all, health is my main focus. This is a huge success compared to my mindset 3 years ago.

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