Health Intense Diet Change

Final Thoughts: Intense Diet Change

For those who were interested in this little experiment, I am so happy that I got to take you all along with me! Even for those who were not as interested in reading the posts, I hope that this inspires you to be healthier. Simply, I hope to inspire you to be mindful about your health and what you chose to put in your body because health is important. If you are curious, here are my final thoughts from my Intense Diet Change!

Also I cannot think of a better way to end this successful experiment than on my 50th post! Let’s get into it!

Final Thoughts 1: Diet Is Very Important

To me, this four week experience has proven how impactful diet is on health. I am still experiencing the good things that I have discussed in the previous check ins. Looking at your own diet and reflecting on how the foods you eat makes you feel is very powerful. You may even notice how simply changing your diet can affect your sleep, energy levels, and digestive happiness.

Because of the positives that I have experienced during the past four weeks, I am not interested in reintroducing grains, dairy, and heavily processed foods back into my diet. In fact, I feel much better overall and the uncomfortableness and pain that will come is not worth it. For instance, this is the reason as to why I no longer eat chocolate (other than sugar free coco powder).

I noticed how sick I would feel eating foods that contained chocolate or just chocolate in general. It did not feel good in any way and was not worth the temporary pleasure. Reflecting on how different foods make me feel has helped me stick to my new diet and say no to the foods that hurt me more than help me.

Final Thoughts 2: A Domino Effect

I noticed a domino effect after changing my diet to better my health. I am actively working to step up my health and fitness in all aspects. Not only was this focused around changing my diet, but I also cut out more during this experiment. I then upped my fitness. I want to be more mindful with my workouts and movements by going back to the basics. Using the few dumb bells and resistance bands that I do have I am reintroducing resistance training.

Not only do I want to be healthy, but I also want to be strong and focus on the different muscles groups. Lastly, I am trying to be more mindful in general. Not just with my food or exercise, but I am working on being more mindful with the information I put in front of my face. Essentially, being mindful, reasonable, and objective from a scientific point of view.

To Be Continued…

Four weeks is not enough time to see long lasting changes, especially for better health. Small changes now, however, can add up to big changes later. Therefore, I am continuing my diet and fitness changes off the blog. I am going to continue to track my food and exercise to see my growth for a total of 12 weeks. And then 12 weeks after that, and 12 weeks after that because health and fitness is a lifestyle. Maybe I will no longer need to track everything in the future, but this is the lifestyle I want to live.

This does not mean that I am never going to touch on or discuss my progress again. And, if you are interested in me providing you updates on how I am doing from a diet and/or fitness point of view, please let me know in the comments down below!