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September Favorites!

Check out the things I am loving this month!


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For podcast lovers, I highly recommend Podbean! Podbean is free to download and has so many available podcasts (you probably will find your favorites). Check it out here!

Starbucks Reusable Hot Cup – 16 Oz.

This season’s reusable hot cup for Fall is super cute! I am looking forward to all the coffee and tea that I will be enjoying with it.

You can find reusable cups like this by the register! I do not know if the style varies between different areas. If they do, send me a picture of your reusable hot cup on Instagram @bits_of_fitness!

My Home Gym

Okay, it may not be what you imagine when someone says “home gym”. Buuutttt…you do not need to go to a gym to “go to the gym”. Your gym is the space you dedicate to your fitness training, whatever that may look like for you. Currently, I live in a house with many roommates. I had to get creative with the little space that I do have.

This little space is where the gains are made! Proof that you can make progress outside of the gym.

Currently, my home gym consists of:

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