We Are Hooked! – “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”

If you are ever interested in learning a little bit more about the processed food world, taking better care of your health, or want to see the world from a different angle, I highly recommend you check out “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”, by Michael Moss.

This book takes a dive behind the scenes of the big processed food companies to reveal exactly how the big three (salt, sugar, and fat) and marketing tactics are utilized as powerful tools by these companies. The book is broken down into three sections (sugar, fat, salt) to shine a light on the addictive powers of the big three. To be very straightforward, processed food is about making money and outselling the competition. Foods that are designed to drive desires and cravings lead to more sales.

I found it interesting how Moss outlines where a majority of the major food companies came from to where they are now. A fascinating paradox is also outlined: as addicted the consumer has become to processed food, so have the companies that make them. Not by consumption but rather by the formulas and recipes behind the products because messing with the taste of the foods can hurt sales.

All in all, the goal behind the book is to provide some truth and understanding about processed food and the work behind them. I believe it can be utilized as an eye-opening tool for those who are working to better their health. If you do decide to pick up a copy to read, tag me or message me on Instagram @bits_of_fitness!

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